Friday, April 24, 2009

Snapdraft vs. Fantasy Sports Live - Fantasy Baseball

Lets face it, there is tons of competition out there in Daily Fantasy Baseball.  Although, we were first with Salary Cap based daily fantasy baseball in June of 2007, there have been numerous other sites that have launched since then.  Some have failed, and others continue on. Today the two largest sites in terms of traffic are and SnapDraft.  We always check out new sites when they launch, and below is our comparison of the two sites in some of the more important areas.


Snapdraft: Pays out 80% of contest fees in prizes.
Fantasy Sports Live: Pays out between 88-100% of contest fees in prizes with nearly all paying 91% and higher.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live

Overlays (Payouts in excess of 100%)

Snapdraft: Rules do not allow overlays.
Fantasy Sports Live: Any multiplayer league may pay an overlay.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live


Snapdraft: Opponents are not disclosed prior to registering.  Leaderboards are reset periodically and show only top 10 players.
Fantasy Sports Live. Registered opponents are always shown prior to registering. Leaderboards are all-time and show top 75 players.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live

Cash Prize Guaranty

Snapdraft:  Only guaranteed in the event of a full contest.
Fantasy Sports Live: Always guaranteed if there are 2 or more competitors registered for the league.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live

Cap Structures

Snapdraft: Pay based salary cap draft.  All contests use same cap amount.
Fantasy Sports Live: Pay Based, Performance Based, and No Salary Cap Drafts.  Wide variety of cap amounts to choose from.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live

Contest Hogs (Good, experienced players who only play beginners on the site)

Snapdraft: Encourages this behaviour by concealing your opponent, and offering a single structure that allows for one click blanketing of all contests that are currently forming.
Fantasy Sports Live: Discourages this behaviour in many ways including: not concealing your opponent(s), not allowing for one click drafting, offering multiple cap types and amounts that require unique teams, and offering higher payout percentages on higher buy-in leagues.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live (Unless you are a contest hog)

Contest Traffic

Snapdraft: Generated a large user base from parent site / partner affiliation.
Fantasy Sports Live: Generated a large user base from two years of consistent growth.

Advantage ????  (Snapdraft hides contests that fill making it impossible to determine their exact traffic levels.  Both sites have substantial contest traffic)

Winner Take All Leagues

Snapdraft:  All leagues are winner take all
Fantasy Sports Live: Offers some winner take all leagues

Advantage: Snapdraft if you prefer winner take all

Hybrid Leagues (Multiple sport)

Snapdraft: Hybrid NASCAR and Golf leagues
Fantasy Sports Live: No Hybrid Leagues

Advantage: Snapdraft

2nd & 3rd Place Payouts

Snapdraft: Only pays first place in all leagues for a higher variance lottery style game.
Fantasy Sports Live: Pays top 2 in six player leagues, and top 3 in ten player leagues for a lower variance skill emphasized game.

Advantage Fantasy Sports Live

Overall Winner

Is it not obvious?  Fantasy Sports Live is still the leader in daily fantasy baseball with the highest payouts and most transparency.  I am not really sure why people play at snapdraft beyond convenience.  If you have not checked us out yet, click on this link to get $10/$20/$30 free with a $50/$100/$200 initial deposit.  If you don't think we are better as shown above, just cash out after you use your bonus funds, and head back over to Snapdraft.

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