Monday, July 1, 2013

FantasySportsLive Joins the FanThrowdown Team!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a committed member of Fantasy Sports Live as well as share the news that Fantasy Sports Live has joined forces with one of the fastest growing sites in the Daily Fantasy Industry,

FanThrowdown is backed by MGT Capital Investments Inc. ("MGT"), which is a publicly traded company, offering the public the only option for investing in the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry. MGT is traded on the NYSE-MKT
As of today, all Fantasy Sports Live user accounts can be accessed at FanThrowdown

If you already have an account with FanThrowdown, your Fantasy Sports Live account balance was added to your FanThrowdown account balance. If you did not have a previous account with FanThrowdown, an account has been created for you and your FSL account balance has been transferred to your new FanThrowdown account.

You will be receiving an email with a password from FanThrowdown within the next day which will activate your account, then you will find your balance intact on FanThrowdown.

If you do not receive an email (Don't forget to check your SPAM) or have any questions regarding this transition, feel free to call 518-450-1459, or and someone will help you promptly.
Exciting Promos at FanThrowdown

As a thank you from Fantasy Sports Live, we have asked FanThrowdown to run 2 promotions, which will add value to your daily gaming. First, we suggested FanThrowdown give every member of Fantasy Sports Live a 10% boost to their balance in bonus money. 

This will offset the rake and have every member paying less than 5% on your action! We also suggested offering 25% bonus money on top of your first depositat FanThrowdown which will ensure you less than 5% on 5x the amount of your deposit.

For example, on a deposit of $100, you're able to play through $500 at less than 5% rake on your contests. FanThrowdown has agreed to both as a thank you for coming aboard!
Advantages for FSL Users

All of our members will enjoy the benefits of FanThrowdown, starting with some of the best software in the industry. FanThrowdown also has these amazing features,rakeback rewardslate game swap, and unparallelled head to head protectionwhich ensures that the same person can't take every head to head match you create.

FanThrowdown offers everything FSL members have been requesting for years.With the larger player base, and advanced league import/export features, FSL users will have the ability to enter a larger variety of fantasy leagues than was ever possible at FSL. New league formats that appeal to FSL users are also being developed and FanThrowdown is committed to seeing them through.

There is also no need to worry about your funds. FanThrowdown keeps all player funds in a segregated account which is not used for any operating expenses. 
Thank You!

Again, thank you for being a loyal member to Fantasy Sports Live. We are excited to join FanThrowdown's team and we hope you enjoy your time there as well.

Thanks for playing and good luck on FanThrowdown.


Team FSL

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baseball Feed Issue

Our Baseball stat feed was out yesterday.  That prevented both live scoring and final boxscores to be properly obtained by the website.  All leagues were settled as a 0 - 0 tie with a prize split.  It is going to be difficult to manually score these leagues due to the nature of this outage, so we are requesting that you report any league ID that you feel you should have won, so we can verify and adjust the prizes as required.

We are currently working on resolving the issue, and have cancelled the early baseball leagues today.  Once the feed is back up we will schedule the late baseball games for today.  The outage does not effect NASCAR or NFL leagues for this weekend.  Sorry about that. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

95% Payout Fantasy Football Leagues

Starting with week 1 of the NFL football season, Fantasy Sports Live has moved to a simplified 95% payout (5% Rake) structure for all $10+ Buy-in Heads Up Fantasy Football Leagues.  New buy-in levels offering this amazing payout amount are as follows: $10, $20, $30, $50, $100, $200, and $300. The $10 level pays $19 to the winner, the $300 pays $570 to the winner.  See how easy this is if you know percentages! Moving to a 5% rake structure vs. the typical 10% rake charged by all of our top Daily Fantasy Sports competitors, will allow up to 8 times as many players to be long-term profitable playing fantasy sports at Fantasy Sports Live.  This is a HUGE change to the dynamics of daily fantasy sports when the average player has a realistic shot of profiting long-term now at these lower rake levels vs. the handful of elite DFS players who can currently beat a 10% rake structure.  We want to see your hard work studying the sport, and constructing a competitive fantasy football team be rewarded with profits to your pocket rather than to an oppressive rake going to the host website.  We keep our costs low here at FSL, and we are simply passing the savings on to our valued customers.  We also lowered our multi-player fantasy leagues to an industry leading 7.4% rake, as part of our payout updates.

We are also considering the 5% rakes structure for our other sports so help spread the word about our industry leading 95% payout fantasy football leagues, and we will do the same with our fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey leagues when they start up as well.  If you were wondering exactly how this compares with the major competitive daily fantasy sports sites lets review the site differences below.

$10 or $11 Buy-In Heads-Up Rake Comparison

Fanduel's Rake is 100% Higher than FantasySportsLive
Both FSL and Fanduel have $10 Buy-in level heads up fantasy football leagues.  FSL pays $19 to the winner.  Fanduel keeps an extra dollar and pays just $18.  Fanduel's rake is 100% higher than fantasty sports live.

DraftKings Rake is 100% Higher than FantasySportsLive
DraftKings also offers $10 Buy-in level heads up fantasy football leagues.  FSL pays $19 to the winner.  Draftkings grabs an extra buck paying just $18.  DraftKings rake is 100% higher than fantastysportslive.

DraftStreet's Rake is 82% Higher than FantasySportsLive
DraftStreet offers an $11 buy-in level heads up fantasy football league, that pays $20 with a $2 rake.  Fantasy Sports Live offers a $10 buy-in HU league paying $19 to the winner with a $1 rake. Running the numbers this works out to 82% higher rake at DraftStreet vs. rake FSL.

DailyJoust's Rake is 82% Higher than FantasySportsLive
DailyJoust also offers an $11 buy-in level heads up fantasy football league, that pays $20 with a $2 rake.  Like above with DraftStreet, the numbers work out to 82% higher rake at DailyJoust vs. FSL.

DraftDay's Rake is 60% Higher than FantasySportsLive
DraftDay offers an $10 buy-in level heads up fantasy football league, that pays $18.40 with a $1.60 rake.  DraftDay keeps an extra 60 cents paying just $18.40.  DraftDay's rake is 60% higher than at

When you play against the oppressive rake levels shown above, you are around 8 times less likely to be successful in the long-term playing daily fantasy sports.  Why have the deck stacked against you, when you can play at the only daily fantasy sports website that is offering you a legitimate shot at long-term profitability playing fantasy sports.  That site is FantasySportsLive.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Limited Time Summer Reload Bonus

Through August 15th 2012 Fantasy Sports Live is offering a reload bonus for adding funds to your account.  Use the reload bonus to rally back your fantasy baseball season, or prepare for the upcoming fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey seasons.  Terms of the offer are shown below.

1. You must not have made an FSL deposit in the previous 60 days.
2. If you have never made a FSL deposit you are not eligible, but you qualify for our standard instant deposit bonus which is very similar.
3. Bonus cash will be added to your FSL account within 24 hours of your deposit.
4. Deposits of $50-$99.99 will receive a $10 bonus.  Deposits of $100-199.99 will receive a $20 bonus, Deposits of $200+ will receive a $30 bonus.
5. Only one reload bonus is allowed per customer.
6. You can use the bonus funds to enter leagues before using your deposit amount.
7. Play through requirement is 2x the bonus amount.  If you request a withdrawal prior to entering 2x of the bonus amount in leagues, you forfeit the bonus.
8. Offer runs from noon August 2nd 2012 until midnight August 15th 2012 (Eastern time)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doubleheader Issue Today

Today we had an issue with daily fantasy baseball as a result of the the TEX/BAL doubleheader.  Last night when leagues were scheduled the double header was not on the schedule.  When the MLB added the second game, they rescheduled the previously scheduled game to an earlier time, and added a later game.  This put the rescheduled game start time 3 hours prior to the league start time.  As a result we were forced to cancel all leagues with a 7:05 PM start time, as the scoring was complete for one of the games prior to the start.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Lower Heads-Up Rake at FSL!

Effective April 1st 2012, we have lowered our Heads-Up rake for three of our higher buy-in leagues. When we lowered our rake on our lower buy-in leagues in late 2010, our rake structure became a bit to flat, so we wanted to provide some additional incentive to move up in stakes.  It is now even easier to profit from your fantasy sports knowledge at FantasySportsLive. Our Heads-Up rake is now in the 5.3-7.4% range.  Our Heads-Up structures after the update are shown below:

Cost / Prize / Rake

$2.7 / $5 / 7.4%
$5.4 / $10 / 7.4%
$10.8 / $20 / 7.4%
$21.6 / $40 / 7.4%
$32.4 / $60 / 7.4%
$53.5 / $100 / 6.5%
$107 / $200 / 6.5%
$212 / $400 / 5.7%
$264 / $500 / 5.3%

Friday, February 24, 2012

NBA All-Star Weekend Fantasy Basketball Leagues Today

Today for the first time ever you can compete in Fantasy Basketball leagues for money that include the NBA All-Star game.  We have created a new fantasy basketball structure that includes the NBA Rising Stars Challenge and the NBA All-Star game.  The rising stars challenge consists of rookies and second year players that were drafted to play on team Shaq or team Charles Barkely (Chuck).  The game goes off at 9 pm est. tonight, so you will need to draft your team for All-Star Weekend prior to that.  Blake Griffin will be playing in both games so we doubled his cost, but other than that it will be just like any other daily fantasy basketball league offered at FantasySportsLive.  We broke new ground earlier this year with our innovative NFL Pro Bowl plus Superbowl fantasy football leagues, and here we go again with innovative NBA All-Star Weekend fantasy basketball leagues.  Sign-up today and be one of the first to ever play fantasy basketball over the All-Star weekend!