Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Double Header Issue Today

We had a major issue today with the SEA/CHI Doubleheader.  When the baseball contests were scheduled yesterday, the double header was not on the schedule.  Normally the extra game will be added to the existing schedule before the normally scheduled game and will not effect our contests.  Today, they re-scheduled the 7PM game to 5:05 pm and added the second game afterwards.  Since contest start time is determined by the first game start time at the time the contest is scheduled, we were left with a 5PM starting game in a 7PM starting contest.  This is vastly unfair, because you would be allowed to adjust your fantasy team based on scoring that has already happened.  We were forced to cancel all contests that had a 7PM start time and included the rescheduled 5PM game.  All accounts have been refunded their entry fees for these contests. A new batch of contests has been scheduled for 7PM that includes the second game of the double header.  You may re-register for these contests if you would like.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we were forced to take this action for fairness reasons 

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