Friday, May 15, 2009

Thanks Everyone for a Great Fantasy Hockey Season

The NHL, like the NBA and MLB seem to value TV ratings over little guys like FantasySportsLive.  As we move to the semifinals of the NHL Hockey season, we get a staggered schedule for TV purposes.  This means no more days with two or more NHL games on the schedule and as a result no more daily fantasy hockey leagues in the NHL playoffs.  We had tremendous growth this fantasy hockey season over our first season in 2007/2008.  We want to thank all of the new hockey users this year as well as the regulars for a very successful fantasy hockey season.  We expect continued rapid growth and an expansion of our daily fantasy hockey offerings next year.  I would also like to thank for partnering with us early in the season, and introducing tons of hardcore NHL fans to FSL.  GoaliePost is one of the only sites where you can get daily starting goalie information which is key when setting a daily fantasy hockey line-up.  The NBA Semifinal playoff schedule is not set yet, but it is likely to be staggered for TV.  This Sunday may be your last chance to get your daily fantasy basketball fix until next season.  

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