Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Daily Fantasy Baseball for Money

We are off and running with our third season of daily fantasy baseball for money at We made several tweaks to our scoring system to help balance starting pitching and position player scoring this year and it seems to be working out pretty well. The following changes were implemented.

Win - changed from 10 to 8 points
Earned Run Allowed – changed from -1 to -2 points

Run Scored – changed from 1 to 2 points
Run Batted In – changed from 1 to 2 points

Overall, this brings the mix of scoring and ranking cap values for Fantasy Baseball to about 1/3 pitching, and 2/3 batting. Last year it was closer to 50/50. The player salaries have been updated for 2009. Position players get a salary equal to their 2009 actual salary divided by 162 games. Starting pitchers get a salary equal to their 2009 salary divided by 32 games. The maximum salary for a pitcher is 350k, and the minimum is 100k. Position players have no max salary, and a minimum of 10k per game. The ranking cap values start out based on 2008 statistics. Over the first month of the season these values will transition until they are entirely based on 2009 per game MLB statistics. New players will be added to the draft pool over time based on minimum start or at bat requirements. Since we are shaking things up a bit with the new scoring rules, we would love to get your feedback on Fantasy Baseball, so drop us a comment. Also let us know if there are any players you would like to see added to the draft pool.

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