Monday, August 27, 2007

Ranking Cap, Leaderboard, and More

We rolled out version 2.0 of FSL tonight. With the new version we now offer the "Ranking" cap draft method. You can find the ranking cap games in the contest lobby where points (pts) are shown for the cap value. With the ranking cap a player's cost is proportional to their fantasy points per game. This makes things much more difficult and adds even more skill to drafting your fantasy team. We also added a leaderboard which shows total contest prizes won (any cash) since the website launched. We will be adding a more sophisticated leaderboard later, but for now you will be able to see who the consistent performers are on FSL. Lastly, we have updated the contest lobby quite a bit. Contests are now color coded, and the Salary or Ranking Cap value used is indicated in a column. We also removed the past contest link, and allow you to sort by contest status or sport. We will probably be tweaking the UI stuff a bit over the next week or two to fine tune things so let us now if you have any suggestions. Also let us know what you think of the ranking cap.

Fantasy Football Launches September 9th with contests registering by September 4th.


baseblog said...

When will the football contests begin showing up?

Blinders said...

They are up now!