Monday, August 20, 2007

Football Update, and Counting Every Yard

I thought I should give you an update on what is going on with football. It turns out that our stat provider does not provide complete live stats or box scores for football during the preseason. I guess the demand for such services is low, although we wanted it for our version of Fantasy Football. As such, we can't run our contests during the preseason as we had planned on doing. Pro Football will launch Sunday September 9th on FSL.

Yeah, that sucks! So to make it up to you, I will at least reveal our scoring system for football. We call it the "Decimal" scoring system, and it is designed to count every yard vs. rounding down as all other scoring systems do. It is also designed to have the maximum impact on the live contest scoring by making nearly every play, a change to the contest standings. As a side effect it will eliminate 9 out of 10 ties, while allowing us to do some other interesting things with football scoring.

One last note is that we also simplified a few things to allow us to close contests with the first box score. With football the final "official" box score is not released until Tuesday. I guess so they can debate certain plays at depth using video replays. We really do not want to wait until Tuesday to pay Sunday's winners so we have eliminated a few types of scoring for the defense that are not always resolved immediately after the game. We will use our standard rule that the first official box score received counts, and later adjustments to the box score are not considered. Also we only score what is in the box score, so all subjectivity of scoring is removed.

Pro Football 9-Player Team

(2) RB
(3) WR

Offensive Scoring

TD (Run, Receive, or Pass) = 6 pts
2 pt conversion (Run, Receive, or Pass) = 2 pts
1 yard rushing = 0.1 pt
1 yard receiving = 0.1 pt
5 yards passing = 0.2 pt (rounded to nearest 0.1 pt)
Fumble Lost= -2 pt
Interception Thrown = -2 pt
Made FG 0-29 yd = 2.5 pt
Made FG 30-39 yd = 3.5 pt
Made FG 40-49 yd = 4.5 pt
Made FG 50+ yd = 5.5 pt
Missed FG = -2 pt
Made Extra Point = 1 pt

Defensive Scoring

When Game Starts = 12 pt
Each point scored by opponent = -0.5 pt
Sack = 1 pt
Fumble Recovery = 2 pt
Interception = 2 pt
Safety = 4 pt

Edit: A couple small changes to the scoring system are shown in blue based on feedback from user's. Also registration for Sunday September 9th contests will begin on September 4th.


Chipper said...

Thanks for posting your proposed scoring rules for the football season. I believe there were a lot of us anxiously waiting to see these.

One comment about kickers, why aren't you giving at least 3 points for all field goals scored? I believe it's not fair to kickers that you penalize them for kicking short field goals. Shouldn't you give at least 3 for any FG and then perhaps give them a bonus for longer ones? Seeing how your penalize them for missing field goals I think you should give them full 3-pt credit for the ones they do hit.

Also, is it really fair to subtract points for missed field goals for long attempts? Seeing how kicks over 50 yards have a much lower chance of scoring anyway, I don't believe you should penalize a player for attempting a long FG. Sure, penalize them for missing the chip shots but don't spank them for missing 45+ yarders. You should ding them -1 for a missed extra point though as those are considered automatic in most cases.

I like the rest of the scoring rules but really feel strongly about penalizing the Kickers scores. Those 1 or 2 points that you shave off for kicking short FGs are bound to end up deciding some outcomes. Give them full credit for a FG but give them a small bonus for kicking 40+ yarders.

ZeRat11 said...

Maybe this is one of the things you had to eliminate for Defensive points, but do they not get anything for returning INT/Fumbles for TDs?

Also do defenses get penalized for the other team's defensive points? It hardly seems fair to penalize the Bears D for when Rex Grossman throws an interception that gets returned 97 yards for a TD.

One other thing that I've only ever seen in one of the leagues I'm in is that safetys should be worth 4 points. 2 points for the points scored and 2 points for the change of possession.

Looking forward to football season. Too bad we can't do some trials in preseason.

Blinders said...


I understand your concerns about kicker scoring. Our thoughts are like this. Other positions get more credit for doing stuff more difficult, like scoring a TD or making a long run. The kicker scoring is designed to reward the difficulty of the kick. We were actually going to do 1 yd = 0.1pt, but we can't get it that way from the feed. A 40 yard FG gets 4.5 pts, so shorter ones shoulg get less. I think we can make it 0-29 y = 2.5 pts so the "penalty" is pretty minor. Also for the missed FGs we think this is fair. The short ones should not be missed, and the long ones this is risk vs. reward. Get 5.5 pts for a 50 yard make or lose 2 if you miss. Seems fair?


Scoring defensive touchdowns, and not counting defensive TDs against the DEF, are all potentially controversial plays that can and do get changed with the "official" Tuesday box. We have to remove these scoring elements to pay out the contests Sunday night. Its the same scoring for everyone, so if you think a QB is prone to throwing TDs that are returned for TDs, you need to consider that when picking a DEF. If enough people would prefer us paying the contests Tuesday, we could wait for the final box.

Chipper said...

Better! Thanks for considering my feedback on kickers.

ZeRat11 said...

Nice. Safetys for four points. Didn't think people would go for that but it makes sense for me.

Chipper (Dave) said...

One more question. If you activate a player who also returns punts and that player returns a punt for a TD does he still get 6 points?