Thursday, September 6, 2007

Football Launches at FSL

Football officially launched Tuesday afternoon with the first contests registering for Week 1. Its been a long wait from when the idea for the website was conceived last football season to now, but here we are. We plan on fine tuning things as required over the first few weeks, so please give us your feedback on cap levels, contest mix, draft interface, or anything you think will help us improve our football offering. Also, if you see any individual player's cap value that seems wrong, let us know. The salary cap is based on the yearly salary divided by the number of games. The ranking cap is proportional to the number of fantasy points players put up per game. The individual player salary cap values do not change over time, though we may update some rookie or other salaries as contract details are revealed. The ranking cap values will change over time based on fantasy performance. For players with no pro football experience a minimum value is used. A minimum salary value is also used in some cases.


Chipper (Dave) said...

From playing around with the 1000 point football contests, it seems like you can get a lot of good players for the points you're given. I think it's just about right. But, if you feel adventuresome, you might want to play around with a slightly lower point offering to make it only possible to get 1 or 2 studs on a team. Afterall, a real football team only has 1 or 2 real studs on their team anyway.

One other possibility is to place these players into Tier levels and require players to select one Tier 1 player, four or five Tier 2 players and the rest Tier 3 and below. Several sites like ranks players into Tiers.

I have one gripe about your contests pages. If you happen to be on Page 2 of your contest page and you then try to use the pull down selections to narrow down your search, it only seems to narrow it down based on the selections available on that page rather than starting a new display from Page 1 and down criteria. I often find that I have to return to the very top level (or by hitting the Contests icon again) in order to change my View selection.

Blinders said...

Thanks for the feedback. For the first part of your comment, lower cap values like say 900pts are in the works. For the second part, that appears to be a bug that we will work on. The paging is really not where I would like it to be yet, but we were unaware of the issue that you bring up, so thanks.