Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Beat Buffalo66 Challenge

Starting today Fantasy Sports Live will be offering a new Fantasy Hockey promotion called “Beat Buffalo66”. Buffalo66 is a longtime daily fantasy sports player and second on our all-time wins leaderboard. For the promotion we will be running multi-player fantasy hockey leagues called “Beat Buffalo66” on any day with 4 or more NHL games on the schedule. The leagues will have an entry fee of $6.60, and pay out our standard 91% in prizes. In addition to the normal cash prizes, anyone who beats Buffalo66’s fantasy score over three consecutive Beat Buffalo66 leagues will get an extra $20 cash bonus. Simple as that, well except for the fine print below.

1) At least one multi-player league called “Beat Buffalo66” will run on days with 4 NHL games on the schedule.
2) FSL may at its option add additional multiplayer or heads-up leagues when the initial league fills, but this is not guaranteed. Enter early to guarantee your seat in the challenge.
3) Buffalo66 will enter the league as well. If for some reason, Buffalo66 is unable to register for the original league or any subsequent leagues on a given day, all “Beat Buffalo66” entries will be given credit for beating Bufflo66’s score that day.
4) You must enter and beat Buffalo66’s score in three consecutive days where “Beat Buffalo66” leagues were run. If you miss a day when “Beat Buffalo66” leagues were running, and streak that you had ends.
5) On days where more than one “Beat Buffalo66” league is run, only your first entry (lower ID#) counts towards the promotion.
6) $20 Bonus will be credited to your FSL account within 3 business days.
7) After a bonus is earned your streak ends, and you can start a new one with the next league.
8) FSL reserves the right to discontinue or alter this promotion at anytime.

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