Thursday, January 6, 2011

NFL Playoff Fantasy Football

Its that time of year again. The time when it is all on the line, and you must win or go home. For the forth year Fantasy Sports Live will be offering Daily Fantasy Football during the NFL playoffs. When we launched the concept of salary cap based daily fantasy sports in June of 2007, we did not do it with playoff fantasy sports in mind, but it enabled fantasy sports to continue long after the season ends when most people would normally stop playing. For the NFL Playoffs we have two games on Saturday and Sunday for the first two weeks, and two games after that for the AFC and NFC championships. For each of those five playoff days we will be offering a full suite of fantasy football leagues to chose from. Simply draft a normal fantasy football team from the four teams playing that day, and win some cash for your efforts. During the NFL playoffs all of the games will be televised nationally so you can watch every fantasy point your team scores for free. You don't need to worry about getting 100% effort from your fantasy team, or your star player getting rested. Everything is on the line now.

The strategy for NFL playoff fantasy football is pretty similar to the regular season. The defenses tend to be a bit stronger in the playoffs so fantasy scoring goes down a bit. Also, with a smaller pool of players to draft we tend to use lower cap amounts in the leagues to help improve fantasy team variety. So get your fantasy teams handicapped and enjoy fantasy football for another three weeks. We do not offer fantasy leagues for the Superbowl since two or more games are required for a legal fantasy league, but that will give you some time to count your winnings prior to the big game. Good luck everyone.

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