Monday, November 9, 2009

New Automatic Draft Method Now Available

Tired of sharing fantasy players with your opponent in a salary cap fantasy league? Don't have the time or patience for a live draft to work things out so you can get your own players? Problem solved! Fantasy Sports Live's new Automatic Draft is the answer to your dreams. Simply rank the top projected fantasy players at each position for the day and we will work things out so that you get a completely unique team from your heads up opponent. Now you both don't have to root for Lebron James with nothing to gain.

How does it work?

All fantasy leagues at Fantasy Sports Live consist of 9 fantasy players at various positions. If you rank for us twice as many players at each position than a normal fantasy team would have, we can use that information to get you a unique fantasy team. Lets take fantasy football for example. Your fantasy team is QB, (3) WR, (2) RB, TE, K, and DEF. So for this draft method you and your opponent rank in projected top scoring order the following positions: (2) QBs, (6) WR, (4) RB, (2) TE, (2) K, and (2) DEF. The lowest rank cap value of the 18 player team gets to draft first using a modified snake draft by position (first league entry drafts first if there is a cap tie). For fantasy football the draft order goes like what is shown below (player 1 got the 1st pick, based on a lower rank cap total).

Player 1 - First Pick QB Round
Player 2 - First Pick WR Round 1
Player 2 - First Pick WR Round 2
Player 1 - First Pick WR Round 3
Player 1 - First Pick RB Round 1
Player 2 - First Pick RB Round 2
Player 2 - First Pick TE Round
Player 1 - First Pick K Round
Player 2 - First Pick DEF Round

So player 1 gets their QB-1 pick, then player 2 get their QB-1 if not taken, otherwise they get their QB-2. In the second round player 2 goes first and gets their WR-1. Player 1 then gets thier WR-1 if not taken, otherwise they get thier WR-2. In round 3, player 2 gets either WR-2 or WR-3 depending on who is available, then player 1 gets WR-2, WR-3, or WR-4 based on who is still available. and so on and so on. This all automatically happens at the start time of a fantasy league.

So with this draft you will get a completely unique fantasy team from your heads-up opponent, and it does not really take much longer than a salary cap draft. It uses the same draft interface, with twice as many slots at each position and a dash to indicate the rank of the choice. When the league starts we show all 18 team selections for both players, but cross-out the players who are benched, and only score your 9 unique starters. If you look close you can recreate the entire automated draft for full transparency (the way we like it here). See the Rules tab for snake draft order by sport. Our new Automated draft method is indicated by "Auto" in the CAP column. Try our new automated draft out, and let us know what you think.

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