Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fantasy Sports Live Invades the L.V. SuperDraft

The first annual Las Vegas Fantasy Football Super Draft is coming up on August 27-30th. We here at like to jump at any opportunity for a Vegas road trip and the SuperDraft is one of those we simply can’t pass up. We will be out in full force with tons of free FSL swag, and special offers for the attendees to sign-up with us. If you are a fantasy sports live user and will be attending the 2009 Fantasy Football Super Draft, we would love to meet you, and throw some free swag your way. Just look for us in our FSL shirts, or drop us a call on the 1-800 number when in town and we can try to meet up. This is simply a great opportunity to pump up our Fantasy Football user base for a record breaking 2009 at Fantasy Sports Live. Ok, it’s really just an excuse to attend like 8 VIP parties in 72 hours while hanging with a bunch of like minded sports junkies, but can you blame us?

On an unrelated note, one of our long-time and successful users (Buffalo66) has just launched a new site called with daily projections based on the top daily fantasy site’s individual scoring systems. The info is free now, but rumors are he is going to start charging come Football season. Check out the free daily projections, and use them to make some cash at FSL.


Buffalo66 said...

Thanks for the shoutout, pimp daddy Blinders!

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