Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fantasy NASCAR Leagues Suspended

We have been working on building our fantasy NASCAR business for two years now, and simply are not having much success. We advertise fantasy NASCAR regularly, and attended the California race this year to promote Fantasy NASCAR at Fantasy Sports Live. What we see in the face of all of these efforts is declining traffic and declining interest related to Fantasy NASCAR. We have decided to cut our losses for now and suspend fantasy NASCAR until at least the Chase for the Cup starts on September 20th, and possibly until the start of the 2010 season. We feel we have a pretty solid fantasy NASCAR offering, but it is not gaining any traction for some reason. If you have played Fantasy NASCAR in the past on FSL, and you have ideas for improvement to the structure please let us know. If you are upset that we are suspending Fantasy NASCAR because you were intending to play a bunch in the near future let us know as well. Our current feeling is that Fantasy NASCAR is a very small part of the overall fantasy market, and we may have been premature in launching it based on the size of our current user base.

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