Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fantasy Sports Live Gets Thrillisted

Thrillist sifts through the crap to find the best of what's hiding.

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According to Thrillist we are one of the most under-appreciated Fantasy Sports Sites on the web. We tend to agree. Click the link for the entire newsletter (which has some other cool new stuff as well), or just read the FSL portion below.

Thrillist Article

Bet: FantasySportsLive Now celebrating one year of seeming legitimacy, FSL lets lazy action junkies accomplish twin feats: play fantasy sports without putting in 40hrs a week, and gamble from the comfort of their own neglected jobs. Just draft a team of athletes playing that day (takes ten mins), or compete in 10-manager "tournaments" for a bigger payout (buy-ins typically = $10-50). Ironically, the whole premise takes advantage of a loophole in a law designed to stop online gambling -- letting you use PayPal or any American credit card instead of hassling w/ a Caribbean bank account (if only not paying taxes were this easy).Get involved in a new form of sports gambling at

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Chipper Dave said...

Grats on your 1st full year of business! May you have many more.