Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Web Site Improvements Going Live This Week

We have been working hard on a series of improvements to the website. The updates will be rolled out this week. Below is a list of what to expect when the update goes live.

1) Main contest lobby will go to scroll bars, and the paging system currently used will be eliminated. This will allow you to quickly scroll through all of the current contests offered without linking through to other pages.

2) Tabs for individual sports will be added to the main contest lobby. You will be able to quickly filter by sport by hitting a tab, vs. making a selection in a drop down menu. You will also be able to link directly to a home page that is already filtered by the fantasy sport that you are interested in.

3) The start time of games will be shown in the contest lobby. There has been some confusion when double headers are on the schedule. We only schedule one game of a double header into contests, and it is typically the second game (the regularly scheduled game). You can tell which game is scheduled based on the starting pitchers indicated, but now you can just check the game start time in the lobby and be sure you are drafting players for the correct game.

4) Elimination of injury updates to the draft pool. This is something that a few of our users have requested for a while now. Up to now we let the injury feed determine the draft pool. If a player is listed as "out" or on the disabled list for a game they were not included in the draft pool. As player status is updated real-time the draft pool updates as well. The injury feed is also not 100% accurate. It may show a player as "out" who is actually going to play, or someone who just came off the DL may not be in the pool yet. We will now list all players at all times in the draft pool irregardless of injury status. The injury column will indicate their status for the game (Questionable, Probable, Out, 15-Day DL, 30-day-DL...). If you have knowledge that a player will play in a game, you will be able to draft them even if their status is "Out" or "15-day DL". You will now need to be a bit more careful when drafting your team, as you will need to review the injury status, but it should lead to less confusion and questions about changes to the draft pool.

Fantasy Basketball Season Ends at FSL

Just like with Hockey, Basketball uses a staggered schedule in the round before the finals. As such we do not get the required two or more games to build a fantasy contest around. As a result Fantasy Basketball season is now complete on FSL. While Fantasy Basketball is just the third most popular fantasy sport overall, it was very popular during our first season of operation. The way the scoring and caps work for basketball it just fits in very well with our type of fantasy sports contests. Next season we will offer some new contests that will allow you to play Fantasy Basketball, Baseball, or Hockey all the way through the finals. Thanks to everyone who made Fantasy Basketball on FSL a huge success, and we can't wait to see you next year. Daily Fantasy Baseball and Weekly Fantasy NASCAR contests continue to run on FSL throughout the summer.

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