Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fantasy Hockey Improvements

Now that we have much of the new development complete we took some time to improve Fantasy Hockey. The ranking cap values were scrubbed top to bottom eliminating a ton of sleepers whose cap values were too low or had never been updated. We also adjusted the cap rounding to the nearest 5 pts vs. 10 pts for more granularity between players. Now that we have the ability to manually control player positions, we were also able to correct a bunch of bad player positions from the feed. Let us know what you think, and also if you find players in the wrong position or with ranking cap values that don't seem correct.

We are very happy with the Fantasy Hockey structure and have had a ton of great feedback, but we still do not have enough regular players. Spread the word if you can, so we can offer a wider variety of multi player Fantasy Hockey contests going forward.

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