Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fantasy Basketball Improvements

We made a couple of recent improvements to Fantasy Basketball. First, we updated the ranking cap values, and now round to the nearest point vs. the nearest 5 points. With the rank cap values pretty low, this should give a bunch more granularity to player cap values. We may do the same thing for Baseball next season, but will probably continue to round Hockey and Football cap values to some extent.

We also have frozen basketball player positions. Up to this point player positions were updated on a game by game basis by the real time feed. For some players who play two positions (G/F or F/C), their position could be updated at any point in time from the position they played the previous game at to a new position for the next game. These types of updates do not work well in our draft pool system, so we turned them off. We now manually maintain player positions, and have set them to where we feel they belong. If you think we have any of the basketball player positions wrong, please leave a comment and we will look into updating them.

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