Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Sport Updates

Its been a while since we updated when we were planning on rolling out new sports. We are currently in development with Basketball, and plan on launching at the end of the month with the start of the regular season. Due to current NBA licencing requirements, Basketball will not have real time scoring updates. Player scores will be updated one time with the final box score on the leaderboard. Payouts will be just as fast as our other sports. We decided to push NASCAR out and launch it in February with the start of next season. We have a great scoring system for NASCAR that we can't wait to reveal. NASCAR will also be updated with the final race results, and not by a live feed. While Hockey can easily be added, we decided to get Basketball and NASCAR up first. When February rolls around we will decide if we want to get Hockey up this season. If not we will have it at the start of next season. Obviously if enough demand for fantasy hockey is out there, we can change our priorities.

Football is off to a great start with record traffic and prizes on the site every week. We have also not had a single reported scoring error all football season. This is a better performance than some of the major fantasy sites. We take special care to make sure that we get the scoring right each week, and then close our contests out with accurate results 48 hours before the biggest sites finalize their results. Its just another reason to play on


Michael said...

I'm very disappointed to hear that hockey won't be out until February or even next season. You specifically said back in August that hockey would be added when the season starts, and now you're saying you're going to push out NASCAR first when NASCAR won't even be running until February!

Blinders said...

Sorry about that. We did not have enough time in between Football and Basketball to get Hockey developed. There is still a shot to get it in before Nascar though. Thanks for the comment.