Monday, October 8, 2007

Biggest Fantasy Football Prize & Sweeps Are Not Good for Playoff Fantasy Baseball

Yesterday, "Family Guy" won $200 in a $107 Heads-Up contest. The $200 is the largest individual prize we have paid out for fantasy football to date, and equals the few $200 prizes we have paid in fantasy baseball earlier in the year. As things pick-up this season we will be offering more variety of contests. For Week 6 we added a $20 ten-player contest, and a $30 six-player contest. By the end of the season we would love to be running ten-player $100 contests. If you are interested in the higher buy-in and competition leagues, help fill the highest buy-in leagues now and we will roll them out even faster.

We broke some new ground in offering Playoff Fantasy Baseball this season. Unfortunately, Murphy's law stepped in, and we had three sweeps in the first round. Since we need at least two games to run lawful fantasy contests, we will not be able to run them again until the AL and NL championship series starts. Not what we were planning for, but what can we do. We will also be running fantasy football well into the playoffs.

Lastly, we have had a few complaints about viewing the entire draft pool. We only show the 12 most expensive players by default for each position. There is a "show all players" link that allows you to view and draft all of the available players for each position. With the fantasy football ranking cap where it is, it is pretty tough to put a team together that is under the cap without going deeper than the top 12. If you are having issues staying under the cap, please use the "show all players" link to pick up a few inexpensive players. Another option is our no cap leagues where you can pick up all the top 12 players that you want without issue.

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