Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Football Week 2 Contests Up, Shutout Bonus Removed

Football contests are up for week 2. In general these will go up around mid-day on Tuesdays for the following week. We removed the 5 point bonus for DEF shutouts. The scoring rules have been updated as such. We did not like the way this worked with the live scoring. Defensive scoring is already pretty confusing as we do things differently, and there are some issues with the feed that play around with the DEF scoring number while the game is running. We thought that adding an extra 5 pts at the beginning of the game for the shutout, was just too much so it is now gone. The last tweak we made for week 2 is lowering the cap amounts. The cap amounts seemed a bit high for week one. Tighter caps, make you dig a little deeper to find your starters and makes things a little tougher as a result. There are always the no cap contests for those who can't or don't want to make trade offs building their fantasy team. Let us know what you think of our football offering, as we fine tune it over the first few weeks.


Chipper (Dave) said...

Just wanted to say that the new 900 point football games are going to be much better than the 1000 point games. It really forces you to pick 1 or 2 lower point sleepers for the week. The 100 fewer points should make all the difference and make these games a more skill game.

Any chance that you could split the leaderboard into separate sports? Have a tab for each sport and also one for overall so that it's easier to tell who's best at each fantasy sport?

Blinders said...


The leader board is very basic, but we wanted to get something up. We have plans to split by sport, and be more of a points based system.

We went with 1000 pts the first week, because we wanted to error on the side of too many points if anything. 900pts seems to be about right.