Monday, September 10, 2007

Accurracy of the Football Live Scoring

We noticed a few things with our live feed on Sunday. First off, there are some small errors of a yard here and there that accumulate over the course of a game. This is resolved when the final box score is delivered, but while contests are running errors of .1 or .2 pts on an individual players score are somewhat common. This is not an issue for most fantasy scoring systems, but we like to count every yard here. In our FAQs it talks about how the live scoring is for informational purposes. It is highly accurate, but not exact. It will show you in general where you are at, but if your contest is down to a few tenths of a point, the final box scores with accurate yardage will determine the results.

There are also a few strange things with the Defensive scoring. When the game starts you get 17 pts (5pts for a shutout bonus, and 12pts to start). When the first FG or TD is scored against, you immediately lose the shutout bonus, and 0.5pt per opponent point scored. The defensive scoring seems to be accurate while the game runs if you keep that in mind, but at the end of the game there is something in the feed, that is causing us not to score Fumbles, Sacks and INTs temporarily. So you will see your DEF score usually go down at the end of the game, only to be corrected by the final box later on. We are seeing what we can do about this. Also the box scores and live scoring updates appear to be slower for Football than Baseball. Football contests will likely take 1 hour to close after the last game is completed while we wait for the final box from the feed..

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