Thursday, July 5, 2007

Undiscovered Canada

With Canada's vast expanses of land and small population most of it remains undiscovered. I will use that as a way to transition to some bad news. We will not be accepting Discover Cards on FSL. We tried, but could not work things out with those guys. We will be removing the Discover logo from our home page shortly. Sorry about that.

Also, we had a software bug on July 4th that prevented credit transactions on our website. This is resolved know. We love money here, so you can believe that when we track down the programmer responsible he will be appropriately publicly humiliated for his big mistake. Seriously though, we are taking huge strides to make sure this does not happen again. We are offering a $1 credit to your FSL account for each rejected transaction on your account on the 4th of July. Drop a comment here or email to claim your credit.

On a positive note, we are smashing records almost daily on this site, with over $1250 in guaranteed prizes paid out on July 3rd alone. Thanks everyone for spreading the word, and participating daily in our contests. We will be rolling out tons of additional functionality and features in the very near future that will make the site even better, so keep playing.

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