Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Starting Pitchers?

For some reason we did not pick up the starting pitchers yet for today's (Wednesday) contests from our feed. It looks like they are not going to come through, so we are working now to manually set them. Until this is resolved, we will not schedule any additional contests for today. If you are already in one of the (3) contests that was already scheduled for today, please return to the contest page and verify that the pitcher you selected is actually starting today. We normally indicate the probable starting pitchers with an asterisk next to their name, and sort the probable starting pitchers to the top of the list. Without the starting pitchers indicated, we just have a huge list of all starting pitchers on all teams playing today which makes things pretty difficult when drafting your team. We think we will have this resolved shortly, so please hang in there if you are waiting to register for today's contests.

The next time we are out drinking with the Sports Network Guys they are definitely buying the rounds because of this.

Edit: It turns out the issue was that the Sports Network sent out the Thursday starting pitchers instead of Wednesday's on Tuesday afternoon, so they owe us several rounds. We put into place this morning a way to manually set or update the starting pitchers to resolve this instance, and any future issues with starting pitcher indication. We even now have the ability to update the list of pitchers if there is a last minute scratch, something the feed has never done automatically. So we got this resolved and put our normal offering of contests up for today. I guess better late than never.

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