Friday, July 20, 2007

New Contests on FSL

As we get more user's on board, and get a feel for what you guys want we will be rolling out more contests. We recently rolled out a new $5 10-Player contest with a steeper payout structure. We also are running our first $20 10-player contest today. As long as you guys keep filling up the contests we offer, we will continue to expand the types of contests we will be running daily. Let us know if we are missing the mark somewhere, and we will see what we can do.

We had a couple glitches in the last 24 hours. Our SSL cert was down for a few hours this morning, and is now back-up. The website was never "un-secure", but you had to click through a warning to get on. Another glitch was an error in the scoring of pitcher Lilly yesterday. This was the first error for a player that we have scored that we are aware of since launch. He was scored 20pts, but deserved 16pts. We are still reviewing why this happened. and will take the required steps to prevent this in the future if possible. Considering that we have scored close to 10,000 positions since launch, this is not so bad, but we seek perfection here. Per our rules, when a valid, material scoring error is reported by a user with-in 24 hours of contest closure, we are able to review contests, and can adjust results as required. In this case, we reviewed all contests from yesterday that included Lilly's game, and found a couple of user's who deserved a higher prize. We awarded them the higher prize and credited their accounts. If you have not been contacted yet, and believe this error cost you a prize, please send an email to support.

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