Monday, July 2, 2007

Freerolls on Fantasy Sports Live

We currently do not offer pure freerolls on FSL. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, we use the funding method from an initial deposit to verify account information. Since there are a handful of jurisdictions in the US and Canada where we should not be accepting customers (due to local laws), we feel that we must do some level of checking of the accuracy of the account information, prior to allowing participation in our Fantasy Sports Contests. If we did no verification of account information, it would be too easy to open accounts from jurisdictions where local laws prohibited these types of contests, and we may expose ourselves to potential legal issues. Secondly, we offer an Instant Deposit Bonus of $10 for a $100 deposit for all new customers, and higher amounts are available if you use a valid bonus code or click through an FSL ad offering a bonus (Maximum bonus amounts require a $200 minimum initial deposit when using a bonus code). With the instant deposit bonus, you can freeroll our contests before ever using your own money.

Freeroll Strategy on FSL
So now I will give you a huge tip on how to freeroll our contests, even though we currently do not offer pure freerolls. First make a $100 initial deposit, and get the $10 in promo cash (or more with a bonus code). Use the $10 in promo money to enter (10) of out $1 launch special contests. These contests pay 1/2 of the field, and return at least 100% of the entry fees in prizes. After you enter the (10) $1 contests, you will have cleared your promo balance and can cash out your initial deposit in full (sounds free so far right?). After you have run the (10) launch special contests, on average you will be left with $10 or more in your account (depending on the number and size of overlays in those contests). Use those funds to continue to enter the launch special contests. Statistically, you should be able to do this for several months without going broke, and you may even build up some funds to try the larger fee contests.

We may not currently offer freerolls, but it is hard to tell the difference if you use the strategy outlined above, so give it a try if you would like to "freeroll" our contests. In the future we may offer pure freerolls, but you would need an account that had been funded with an initial deposit to qualify, even though the entry would be free.

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Ramya Haider said...

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