Friday, February 24, 2012

NBA All-Star Weekend Fantasy Basketball Leagues Today

Today for the first time ever you can compete in Fantasy Basketball leagues for money that include the NBA All-Star game.  We have created a new fantasy basketball structure that includes the NBA Rising Stars Challenge and the NBA All-Star game.  The rising stars challenge consists of rookies and second year players that were drafted to play on team Shaq or team Charles Barkely (Chuck).  The game goes off at 9 pm est. tonight, so you will need to draft your team for All-Star Weekend prior to that.  Blake Griffin will be playing in both games so we doubled his cost, but other than that it will be just like any other daily fantasy basketball league offered at FantasySportsLive.  We broke new ground earlier this year with our innovative NFL Pro Bowl plus Superbowl fantasy football leagues, and here we go again with innovative NBA All-Star Weekend fantasy basketball leagues.  Sign-up today and be one of the first to ever play fantasy basketball over the All-Star weekend!

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