Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sundays with the Grinders Promo - $1000-$2000 in Bonus Cash

Fantasy Sports Live’s new season long promotion blends the best parts of our past fantasy football blogger battle and Sunday’s with Dr. Pauly promotions. After 4 years of dedicated service to our Sunday’s with Dr. Pauly promotion, the good doctor will be taking a breather this year to focus on other activities. The grind and pressure of filling out a competitive weekly fantasy football team was just too much. So for this fantasy football season we are assembling two top teams of fantasy football grinders to fill Pauly’s shoes. One team will be old school fantasy football grinders who have had the best success in our past promotions. The other team will be new school up and coming fantasy football grinders. Each week instead of having to beat Pauly’s score you will need to beat the grinder who is hosting that week. Since we expect their scores to be a bit better that Pauly’s (no offense Pauly!) we will be lower the streak requirement to three this year for the TOC. Otherwise it will be pretty much the same promotion we offered last year with $1000 in free bonus cash offered.

$1000 in Guaranteed Bonus Cash with 4 Different Ways to Win.

$150 - 5 Week Mini Series

Weeks 1-5, Weeks 6-10, and Weeks 11-15

Have the best five week score over a mini series and win $50 in free bonus cash plus free entry into the season long Tournament of Champions (TOC) with $350 in free bonus cash added.

Beat the Weekly Grinder Host Over Three Straight Weeks

If you beat the weekly grinder’s fantasy football score in the promotion three consecutive weeks you win free entry into the season long Tournament of Champions with $350 in free bonus cash added. The only way in is this way or by winning a 5 week mini series.

$250 - Top Three Individual Scores of the Promotion.

The top three individual scores obtained during the Sundays with the Grinders promotional leagues will win $125/$75/$50. Individual scores in weeks 1 through 15 are eligible.

$250 - Season Long Champions

Buffalo66 took it down last year in a very close finish. For the season long contest we count your best 15 weeks over the full 17 week season. The top three overall scores win $125/$75/$50.

$350 - Week 16 Tournament of Champions

The three mini-series winners and anyone who beats the grinders over three straight weeks gets free entry into the Tournament of Champions held during week 16. $350 will be paid to the top three finishers as follows. $200/$100/$50

Grinder Host Bonuses

Each weekly grinder host will receive a free $11 entry into the league that they host. The first seven entries from each of the two grinder teams (old school and new school) will be totaled up over the season with the highest cumulative score determining the winning team. All grinders on the championship team will have any bonus cash won during the promotion doubled.

Promotion Details

To enter the promotion you need to enter the promotional leagues called “Sunday’s with X”. X will be the nickname of that weeks grinder host, and will identify who’s score you will be trying to beat. The first week's host is Primetime420 so the leagues will be called "Sunday w/Primetime420". Promotional leagues cost $11 to enter and pay out at least 91% of the entry fees in standard prizes. All bonus cash is in addition to the standard prizes paid in the leagues. We will offer 50 player (top 5 paid) and 10 player leagues (top 3 paid) each week for you to enter. The grinder host will be in the 50 player league and their score will only be visible there. If you are in one of the other leagues, you will need to check the FSL blog for weekly results. We will offer more and possibly smaller leagues as the start time approaches, but for guaranteed entry you should enter prior to Sunday morning. In the event that a grinder host does not enter the 50 player league for some reason, we may rename the leagues prior to their start time to indicate a back-up host. Only one entry per week can count towards the promotion. If you enter more than one promotional league during a single week, the league with the lower ID# will count towards the promotion.

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