Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fantasy Basketball Large Field Fridays

Fantasy Sports Live is rolling out new larger field fantasy basketball leagues on Fridays. The size of the fields and guaranteed cash prizes will be based on demand, so if you like 50+ player fantasy basketball leagues, help us fill them and we will keep upping the guarantees and field sizes. For this Friday we are offering three large filed fantasy basketball leagues with two of them the largest offered to date. Keep in mind that our fantasy league prizes are guaranteed even if a league does not fill. You may want to check on Friday before 7PM Eastern to see if they are going to fill, and if there is potential for an overlay (More prizes paid than fees collected)

Large Field Friday Fantasy Basketball Leagues

1) $1 Entry, 50 Player, $50 Guaranteed, Top 5 Paid
2) $5.5 Entry, 50 Player, $250 Guaranteed, Top 5 Paid
3) $11 Entry, 25 Player, $250 Guaranteed, Top 5 Paid

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