Saturday, December 11, 2010

NFL Game Postponement

The Giants Vikings Game has been postponed until Monday due to snow. We have cancelled all open Heads-up leagues and rescheduled them without the postponed game for your convenience. If a league was already closed or had more then one entry, it will be allowed to run, but the postponed game will not be scored per our rules on game postponements. If you are in a Sunday fantasy football league that still has the Giants/Vikings game in it, you will need to remove any players that you may have drafted for that game, and replace them with players from the other games to avoid taking a zero for a players that do not play.

Enough with the bad news. Due to the postponement we will have two NFL games on Monday and will be able to offer Fantasy Football this Monday for an unusual second time this year. You will then have your chance to load up on AP, longwell ...

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