Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantasy Quarterback Defensive Ease Rankings

With the high scoring nature of the quarterback position in Fantasy Football your QB selection is critical. At Fantasy Sports Live, you will only be keeping your fantasy quarterback for a single game, so the defensive match-up this week becomes one of the most important criteria in selecting a fantasy quarterback. To help out with this critical selection, I have put together defensive ease rankings for fantasy QBs. This is based on the amount of fantasy points a defense gives up to a QB on average in our scoring system. The list also shows the percentage deviation from average. For example Seattle gives up 27.4 fantasy points on average to the opposing quarterback. This is about 25% above the league average. Fantasy Quarterbacks matched up against Seattle should on average perform 25% better than normal. Since the ranking cap at FSL is based on average fantasy points, anytime you can predict deviations from average, you can find an edge. The more edges you can find, the better your chances are for profiting from our fantasy leagues. Consider the info below, and question seriously starting your fantasy QB against a very tough defence like Pittsburgh's.

QB Defensive Ease Rankings
27.4 25.4% Seattle Seahawks
27.0 23.7% San Diego Chargers
25.6 17.3% New York Jets
24.7 13.3% San Francisco 49ers
24.5 12.1% Chicago Bears
24.3 11.4% Denver Broncos
23.9 9.4% Miami Dolphins
23.7 8.5% Kansas City Chiefs
23.2 6.4% New Orleans Saints
22.8 4.5% Atlanta Falcons
22.7 4.1% St. Louis Rams
22.7 4.0% Arizona Cardinals
22.6 3.6% Detroit Lions
22.5 3.3% Cincinnati Bengals
22.4 2.5% Minnesota Vikings
22.0 1.0% New England Patriots
22.0 0.7% Cleveland Browns
21.7 -0.6% Houston Texans
21.2 -2.8% Jacksonville Jaguars
21.0 -3.8% Buffalo Bills
20.7 -5.4% Dallas Cowboys
20.4 -6.3% Carolina Panthers
20.0 -8.4% Philadelphia Eagles
19.8 -9.5% New York Giants
19.7 -9.8% Washington Redskins
19.6 -10.1% Oakland Raiders
19.2 -11.9% Green Bay Packers
18.9 -13.3% Tampa Bay Buccaneers
18.9 -13.6% Indianapolis Colts
18.6 -14.9% Tennessee Titans
17.8 -18.5% Baltimore Ravens
17.0 -22.2% Pittsburgh Steelers

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