Monday, November 10, 2008

Sundays With Dr. Pauly Week 10 Results

ebk03001 fought back late to win the second series of Sundays with Dr. Pauly and earned a seat in the super TOC (plus a $25 cash bonus). Pokerpeaker after some tough weeks to start the season took his contest down for $50 and also slid past Pauly a third time in a row securing a TOC spot. Pauly finally put up a decent score of 115.2 to stem the flood of entrants into the TOC. No new players can get in next week, and if Pauly can start putting up some decent scores the TOC could get capped somewhere near where we are now. Rajah424 won overall for the week with a score of 144.7 which was also the second highest score for the season. If it holds up there will be some bonus cash coming from Fantasy Sports Live.

Week 10 Results

Super TOC Entries by winning a 5 week series. ($25 for winning seat + $125 added)
Expensive Wino (Week 1-5 Series), ebk03001 (Week 6-10 Series)

TOC Entries by Beating Dr. Pauly's Score 3 straight weeks ($200 added)
Jag, Expensive Wino, AlCantHang, Buffalo66, Chewbot, Resino, Greengoddess, Kaiseroll13, Chuckdnb, Brian, ebk03001, Belly2Bar, spitball, cwfoot, Kev, Mattazuma, Big Pirate, bonds, Pokerpeaker

Needs to Beat Pauly's Score Next Week for TOC Entry

High Weekly Scores for the Season ($75/$25 added)
1st jrf361 152.8 (week 8) 2nd Rajah424 144.7 (Week 10)

Series 2 Final Standings (Winner gets seat in Super TOC)

ebk03001 592.6
belly2bar 581.6
spitball 572.5
jrf361 557.3
Buffalo66 557
Expensive Wino 553
Resino 548.3
repete offenders 546.6
Chuckdnb 532.4
BigHeeb91 511.3
bonds 509.9
Olliewood 506.5
Sconie 490.7
cwfoot 480.7
Pokerpeaker 480.4
Joe Speaker 480.2
Kev 478.6
TaoPauly 477.3
Brian 471
HermWarfare 463.6
Mattazuma 455.9
Kaiseroll13 455.7
bayne_s 448.3
AlCantHang 428.7


Freight Train said...


belly2bar here.

Congrats to ebk03001 for winning the 5 week challenge. I do, however, have a complaint. In the final week, last week, I was not able to fill my roster due to a system error. I wanted to swap out a receiver. The system let me delete the receiver, but then when I had picked the receiver to fill the roster, the system hung for about 2.5 minutes up until 1:00 and then the contest began. The update was never made and my roster remained incomplete...and oh yeah, I lost by 10 pts.
Not sure where I need to log this complaint. I think the system should revert back to your previously saved full roster if this situation arises. That would be a lot more fair, in my opinion.

Sorry for the 'bad beat' story.


Blinders said...


Sorry about that. We were having speed issues with the site on Sundays due to heavy traffic loads, and as a result we have implemented a major hardware upgrade. Things are running much better now, and we have also credited your account back the entry fee for this contest.

Freight Train said...


Thanks for the response and resolution of the speed issue. Thanks also for the credit to my account. Great job and I remain a loyal fan.