Monday, October 6, 2008

Week 5 Sundays with Dr. Pauly Results

We have all been waiting for this, but Pauly has been a bit stubborn so far this season. Well now he has gone and done it. Pauly put up a score in the 70s allowing 37 entries to beat his score. The floodgates for the TOC are now officially open. More info and complete standings to follow.

Week 5 Sundays With Dr. Pauly Results

TOC Entries by Beating Dr. Pauly's Score 3 straight weeks ($200 added)
Jag, Expensive Wino, AlCantHang, Buffalo66, Chewbot, Resino

Needs to Beat Pauly's Score Next Week for TOC Entry
Mattazuma, bayne_s, Greengoddess, Kaiseroll13, LTLover, jbvolfan

High Weekly Scores for the Season ($75/$25 added)
1st Jag 141.8 (Week 2) 2nd PayME 141.1 (Week 4)

Series 1 Final Results Week 1 to Week 5

Expensive Wino 581 (Super TOC Seat Winner)

Buffalo66 580.9
bonds 576.3
AlCantHang 550.6
Mattazuma 542.9
greengoddess 536
bayne_s 533.1
Chuckdnb 532.8
Chewbot 516
Brian 512.1
repete oiffenders 503.6
TaoPauly 499.2
Big Pirate 487
Humperdink 484.4
jek187 484.4
ebk03001 482.4
Joe Speaker 475
HermWarfare 472.7
Kaiseroll13 468.5

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on_thg said...

Now that's an Alcoa Fantastic Finish.