Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Calling All Quotes!

Tell us what you like about FSL and if we use your quote we will credit your account with some free cash! We are getting a bit bored with the sidebar player testimonials and we would like to refresh them. We would also like to get some quotes about all of the different fantasy sports that we offer at FSL. We are looking for two quotes each for Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and NASCAR. Submit your quote, and if we use it, we will credit your account with a free $20 bonus. Details and rules are listed below:

1) The quotation must be an honest quote from an existing FSL user who has participated in the fantasy sport they are quoting about.

2) The quote should include the fantasy sport the quote is about (i.e. A fantasy football quote should contain "fantasy football" in the quote somewhere).

3) Users are allowed to submit up to two quotes for each fantasy sport offered by FSL.

4) Only up to one quote per user, per sport is eligible to win the bonus cash. So basically you can't win more than $100 in bonus cash from this contest.

5) The quotation will use your User ID (Nickname) on FSL as the source for the quote to protect your privacy.

6) Any fame that is achieved from having a quotation on the leading daily fantasy sports site is included for free.

7) You may submit your quotes by sending an email to, or leaving a comment here.

8) The deadline for quote submission is Friday October 24th.


Web Entrapments said...

FSL is like playing No Limit Poker except instead of playing with cards you're playing with real life athletes.

J said...

playing FANTASY HOCKEY on FSL is even better than the blue streak tracing the puck on tv!!!!!!

J said...

Setup fees for the afl in oakland..... 1.2 million
Hiring a moving company ........... 25 million
Changing your mind after a few years ........75 million
Making any move you want daily ..... LIMITLESS


Blinders said...

I need both of your FSL nicknames. You have made the first cut

Web Entrapments said...

My nickname on FSL is cyandle.

Blinders said...

Thanks. You won, and are on the main page. We will update it with your nickname when we get a chance.