Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speed Issues with Fantasy Baseball Drafts

Fantasy Baseball Drafts are running much slower than we would like and there have been a handful of complaints. We are addressing this issue on several fronts. We have updated some settings today, and those changes have roughly doubled the speed of the acknowledgement from the server when drafting. We are also working on a small update to the draft GUI, that will reduce the number of server calls required to complete a draft. This will be a huge time saver for baseball. Lastly, one of the issues specific to baseball is that the number of games per contest and the size of the baseball rosters leads to much larger data transfer than the other fantasy sports. To address this we will begin trimming back the available players in the baseball draft pool by removing players who do not average enough fantasy points/game to meet the minimum 10pt rank cap value. These types of players are in general poor draft choices anyway, so we hope they will hardly be missed. As players move their average fantasy points/game up to the minimum we will add them back into the fantasy baseball draft pool. This will have the added benefit of us properly ranking new players before adding them to the draft pool.

As usual, thanks for all your feedback. We are constantly trying to improve our fantasy sports offering so let us know what you think about us good or bad.

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