Monday, February 4, 2008

NASCAR, Hockey, and Basketball End of Quarter Scoring Updates

We have a bunch going on over here at, so I thought it would be a good idea to provide an update.

Fantasy NASCAR

We will be launching fantasy NASCAR later tonight, with the Daytona 500 first up. You can find the rules for NASCAR at the bottom of the Rules Tab. Fantasy NASCAR Teams will consist of nine drivers. Two types of structures will be offered. The NASCAR sprint race plus Qualifying, or the NASCAR sprint race plus the nationwide race (when both are held the same weekend). In both cases you will draft (5) sprint racers, and either (4) qualifiers for the sprint race or (4) nationwide racers. The selections for the two events are completely independent. This means you can pick the same racer for qualifying as you do for the race, or pick completely unique qualifiers. Cap levels and scoring for the racers in the two events are also completely independent. For the sprint race plus qualifying, registration will end when the qualifying begins. For sprint plus nationwide, registration will end when the nationwide race begins. Rank Cap, Salary Cap, and No Cap will be offered for NASCAR. Scoring for NASCAR will be updated one time when official results for the race or official qualifying order has been received. Let us know what you think about our NASCAR structures, Cap levels, and contest types.

Fantasy Hockey

We have been working with our vendor to improve the quality of the Hockey Box scores and have made significant progress. We are currently testing the accuracy of the first final box score received, and if all goes well will be relaunching Fantasy Hockey in about a week. Sorry for the inconvenience we caused by temporarily suspending Fantasy Hockey on FSL.

Fantasy Basketball

We were unable to implement live scoring for Fantasy Basketball at the beginning of the season due to licensing restrictions with the NBA. Those restrictions are now gone, and we will offer free progressive scoring of our Fantasy Basketball contests like we currently offer for Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football starting next season. The live progressive scoring makes the contest leaderboard much more interesting, and adding it for basketball will be a big improvement. We also wanted to do what we can to make the Fantasy Basketball contests even better this year. What we are currently working on is providing end of quarter scoring updates for all games in a Fantasy Basketball contest. While this is not quite as good as shot by shot updates like we will have next season, it is much better than not getting any updates at all until the end of the game. The way it will work is the leaderboard will be updated about 2-3 minutes after the end of Q1, Q2 and Q3 with the current game statistics. The Q4 update will come through with the final official box score that we close the game with. This typically comes in about 45 minutes after the game. So we will have the first game scoring update about 30 minutes after the start of a game vs. 45 minutes after the end (nearly 3 hours sooner). We will roll this out as soon as development is completed in about a week.

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