Thursday, November 1, 2007

Opening Week Jitters

We have had a handful of issues this week with the launch of Basketball. None of this has affected the scoring or outcome of any contest, and we have also settled all basketball contests in a timely manner so far. A great deal of this is related to our live feed, and the opening week issues they are having. Things should get better over the next day or so as most of this stuff gets resolved. We will always get the scoring right before closing a contest so don't worry if you see some strange mid-game stuff for now. The best news from all of this had to do with the incorrect mid-game scores that came through last night. This is our feed experimenting with end of quarter basketball updates. We may be able to now provide end of quarter leader board scoring updates for basketball which will be a huge improvement over just end of game as planned. Nothing is fully worked out yet, but if we can get these end of quarter updates for basketball we will provide them to you for free as soon as possible.

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