Wednesday, July 25, 2007

$100 Bonus For First 100pt Fantasy Baseball Score

Enough with all the downer stuff here. How about a new bonus? Be the first one starting today to put up a 100pt or better Fantasy Baseball score in any of our fantasy baseball contests, and you win $100. Just draft a team that's capable, score 100pts or more, and drop an email to support requesting your prize within 24 hours of contest completion. First verified request wins. The top scores so far have been in the high 80s, so it is just a matter of time. Good luck everyone.


Grumpy said...

Hey, I had 94 yesterday. Can I get a consolation prize? (username: monomakh)

Blinders said...

Nice job, but it takes 100pts to earn the prize. If nobody scores higher by the end of the season, we will send it your way.