Saturday, June 23, 2007

Joe Speaker and Hans Moleman Big Winners on Launch Day

Joe Speaker commented the other day that he thought the games were "soft" on this website. He might be right as he took down his second 10-player promotional contest in three days. This one was a blogger filled field including StB, oossuuu754, Daddy, Smokkee, and myself. 52 fantasy points would be enough for Joe's win. StB took second, and oossuuu754 third for the other cash prizes.

The big winner of the day, and setting a new individual prize record on FSL was hans moleman. Hans entered the $10, 10-Player contest which would go off with just 5 entries and a whopping $40 overlay. He would put up a solid fantasy baseball score of 67 and earned the $50 first place price. Nice job on the win hans!

1 comment:

StB said...

Soft??? Speaker squeaked by for the victory.