Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Rainout

The weatherman does not seem to like us right now. We had another rain out today. Most contests today will remain running through the night, and be settled in the morning as a result. We need a few days, to automate the process of closing contests with rain outs, by picking up the correct information from our live stat feed. We were hoping we would not have a repeat of yesterday while we worked this out, but no such luck.

Our policy on rain outs, postponements, and cancellations is that we do not score the players in the cancelled or rained out game (see Rules). We legally can't cancel a contest that has 2 or more entries, because we would be removing the guaranteed prizes we are required by law to offer. So we can't cancel the contest, and must let it run. If nobody factored in the weather, overtime rain outs would not make a difference to your results. Some times you would lose points, other times your opponents would lose points. So this would be a wash long-term. Please consider this before getting too upset about zero points for rained out games. We do recommend that players consider the chances of a rain out, when making there fantasy team selections. Dome games are always safe.


Mats said...

The Mets and Philles play two games today. If, for example, I take Beltran, would I get the points from both games added together?

Thanks for any clarification.

Blinders said...

Only the regular scheduled game will count today. The make-up game will not count.

Blinders said...

Actually both games are in the early contest today. All other contests only include the late game. I plan on refunding all entries that do not win a prize for the early contest. Batters will potentially get two games worth of stats in the doubleheader for this contest.