Monday, November 17, 2008

Mattazuma Wins Week 11 of Sundays with Dr. Pauly

Mattazuma won week 11 of Sundays with Dr. Pauly on Fantasy Sports Live with a score of 136.7 and moves into the early Series 3 lead. Pauly put up a super low score of 77.5 so I guess we will be letting some more people in the TOC. Results from this week and season bonus status is shown below.

Week 11 Sundays With Dr. Pauly Results

Super TOC Entries by winning a 5 week series. ($25 for winning seat + $125 added)
Expensive Wino (Week 1-5 Series), ebk03001 (Week 6-10 Series)

TOC Entries by Beating Dr. Pauly's Score 3 straight weeks ($200 added)
Jag, Expensive Wino, AlCantHang, Buffalo66, Chewbot, Resino, Greengoddess, Kaiseroll13, Chuckdnb, Brian, ebk03001, Belly2Bar, spitball, cwfoot, Kev, Mattazuma, Big Pirate, bonds, Pokerpeaker

Needs to Beat Pauly's Score Next Week for TOC Entry
Repete Offenders

High Weekly Scores for the Season ($75/$25 added)
1st jrf361 152.8 (week 8) 2nd Rajah424 144.7 (Week 10)

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